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Will Lisa Luchetta and Matteo Robert ever get engaged? He displaces all *!

On January 16th, during a live performance on Twitch along with Matteo and Lisa, Luca returned to talk about their current relationship. Some time ago, the boy commented on their possible course of action under our post by reporting this soccer metaphor: “A little Mbappè and Real Madrid, everyone is waiting for the moment to buy, but it will never happen”. Yesterday live he wanted to reiterate the concept: “I will explain, the relationship between Lisa and Matteo is like that between Mbappè and Real Madrid… Real want him but he will never sign”. Simply put, the ship will never materialize, as will the hope of seeing the French world champions play on the world’s most successful football team.

This time Robert decided to do it Leave a Comment the words of his friend, who emphasizes: “I am Mbappè”. Luchetta’s response was not long in coming: the girl made a surprised and disbelieving face, looked Matteo in the face, turned back to the camera and said: “It doesn’t seem like it to me … I would look at the old clips”.

After the girl’s answer, many * wondered if there was something between the two voltage. So Luchetta and Matteo Robert quarreled again a month later. In short, the situation between the two doesn’t seem to strike a balance. Following a story that Lisa posted on Instagram on New Year’s Eve along with a YoungMany* wondered if she was actually already engaged. What we do know for now is that the ship isn’t following the path everyone* was hoping for.

Lisa Luchetta with a boyLisa Luchetta with a boy

[FOTO: Instagram]