Will Taylor Swift be at the Super Bowl We investigate

Will Taylor Swift be at the Super Bowl? We investigate Glamor Brasil

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce starred on Sunday (28) in a scene worthy of a romantic comedy: a kiss in the middle of the field after the Kansas City Chiefs became champions of the American Conference and secured their longawaited place in the Super had secured bowl. What the couple's fans now want to know is whether the blonde will be present at the game in Las Vegas.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce  Photo: Getty Images Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Photo: Getty Images

The answer is probably: Yes, she will be there, but to do so she will have to travel almost twelve hours and accept a 17hour time difference between Tokyo and Las Vegas. Taylor resumes Eras Tour shows on February 7th in the Japanese capital, where he will perform four shows, and ends his visit to Japan on Saturday, February 10th. The Super Bowl takes place on February 11th.

We remind you that this time the difference is in favor of the blonde. If Taylor decides to take the flight in Tokyo immediately after the end of the show, around 11 p.m. local time, the singer should land in Las Vegas at around 7 p.m. on the same Saturday, the 10th. In other words, the blonde will have some good hours to get used to the time difference and enjoy your boyfriend's game in peace on Sunday the 11th.

Taylor and Travis publicly announced their romance in September 2023 when the singer appeared in the family box during a Kansas City Chiefs game. That same night, the couple was seen leaving together.

Since then, the couple has made several public appearances, including a surprise appearance at the Season 49 premiere of Saturday Night Live in New York. Since then, Travis traveled to Buenos Aires to attend a show on his lover's “The Eras Tour,” where Taylor changed Karma's lyrics to quote his lover, in addition to speaking publicly about the relationship in interviews, podcasts, and more.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce  Photo: Getty Images Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Photo: Getty Images

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The singer has already watched twelve of the athlete's games since their relationship was confirmed. The Super Bowl will be the 13th game Taylor has attended, coincidentally 13 being his lucky number.