Will Taylor Swift reach Super Bowl LVIII? His challenges: a concert, 9,000 kilometers and 17 time zones

Taylor Swift is a trend that goes far beyond her music. This Sunday, January 28, the 34-year-old singer's last name became trending on X (formerly Twitter), even beyond the reason it was in style. The artist had gone to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland to watch her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, play. There, the interpreter observed firsthand the victory of Kelce and his team over the local Baltimore Ravens with 17:10, which opened the door for them to participate in the LVIII Super Bowl, the high-profile final of the American Football League They face the San Francisco 49ers, who shortly afterwards defeated the Detroit Lions and made it to the finals in the second round. But not even the team's or Kelce's names were the biggest trend online: it matched or exceeded them. And you can't even search for his name. On Saturday, “We are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all users,” the platform stated.

According to the British newspaper Chron, Swift is considering whether to sue, but this Sunday she was far from all this controversy. The artist arrived at the field in Baltimore at noon and supported the red-clad Kelce from one of the boxes, as she has done week after week since September, whenever the schedule allows. This time he even jumped onto the field with Donna and Ed, the player's parents, hugging him and even kissing him in public, an unusual gesture. But even though Swift has been with Kelce practically since the start of the regular season, the big question now remains: Will the singer be at the Super Bowl, the biggest game of the year? It's not that easy, but everything points to it.

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The Eras Tour, the tour that will reflect her 17-year career across 10 albums, is the artist's most ambitious project and took her to 24 cities in 66 concerts across the United States between March and October 2023. , Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, in addition to making her a billionaire thanks to her music. But now the guy from Pennsylvania is leaving America and starting his international stage with no fewer than 85 concerts until the end of November. It begins next February in Tokyo, where it will take place for four nights: 7, 8, 9 and 10. Then it heads to Melbourne and Sydney in Australia for another six shows until the end of February and to Singapore in March. And already in May it's going to Europe: The Bernabéu will premiere in Madrid (Spain is the only country where it only has one date), Lisbon, Milan, London… until August, and then again in the USA and finally in Canada to end December.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs' win on January 28, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland.Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs victory on January 28, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland. Patrick Smith (Getty Images)

This final concert at the Tokyo Dome complicates, but does not prevent, Swift's presence at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, where the game will take place exactly on February 11, just one day later. The Japanese capital and Nevada City are around 9,000 kilometers away, which is almost half a day of flying, about 11 hours. The fact that there are no direct flights would not be a problem for the singer, who has been traveling on her private plane for years. But it goes with time. The main problem is the time difference with 17 different zones between Japan and the West Coast of the United States. But that works in his favor.

In Tokyo, the concert starts at six in the afternoon (although Swift leaves with the supporting acts at around seven), and it's not short: it includes 44 songs (plus two surprises), so in total it lasts about three hours and a half. Therefore, the artist would finish around half past nine at night, she would have to leave the stadium, go to the airport and leave, and then fly for about 11 hours. If it departed at midnight on Saturday (7am on Saturday in the western US), it would arrive in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon. I mean, I could even spend the night in Tokyo, get up early and fly.

The Chiefs' game against the 49ers begins on Sunday the 11th at 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time (the Las Vegas time zone). So if Swift goes out and sleeps on his plane this Saturday evening (Tokyo time), he would arrive in Nevada late Saturday afternoon. For example, if I left at 12 o'clock at night and flew for about 12 hours, I would continue to gain time and arrive in Las Vegas at around seven in the afternoon that same day, almost a day before the grand finale began.

This mathematical calculation is making headlines, and even Drew Barrymore marked the times on a whiteboard during his show last November, already thinking that Kelce's team could pass. The Kansas City Chiefs already won the last division, in 2023 (when Travis beat his brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles), and also in 2020 and 1970. If they win the title, it would be the third for Travis Kelce, 34 Year old. For the singer it is her first final, because although she has been dating the player since last summer and has always supported him, it was previously unknown that she is a fan of American football. While it is true that her presence as a possible performer during the game's coveted halftime break has been discussed on many occasions, and even certain sports and entertainment media outlets claim that she has declined her participation on more than one occasion, it is not certain that the NFL invited her. Last year it was Rihanna, this year the rapper Usher will take care of the break.