William Bonner live said he would do something not agreed

William Bonner, live, said he would do something not agreed with Lo Prete and she didn’t hold back: ‘Don’t do it’

During the presentation of the “Marcha da Apuração” that took place this Sunday (2nd) at the Globo, William Bonner asked an unexpected question Renata LoPrete which presented the data of the investigations in detail.

The Jornal Nacional presenter even joked with Renata, saying: “I’m going to ask a difficult question here, but it’s not agreed at all, I didn’t agree that I would ask that question, all she can say is, ‘Don’t do it! and start crying desperately because I think that…” At this moment Renata interrupts him: “Sends”

William Bonner then continued: “I don’t know, but is there any way we can now know which states might already have had 100% poll counts?”

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In it, Renata Lo Prete looked on the map for some regions already practically defined to solve the lastminute question of the Jornal Nacional anchor.

William Bonner during the debates at Globo (Photo: Reproduction)

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William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos

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Renata Lo Prete spoke about Ciro Gomes’ performance in the elections: “Look at the autumn”

The journalist Renata LoPrete commented on the PDT candidate’s worst performance for the presidency Ciro Gomeson the night of this Sunday, 2: “Look at the scale of the fall,” she said, noting that it was below Simone Tebet (MDB), who had 4.2% of the vote. “And it’s their first fight” She stepped up

According to the information, Ciro had only 3% of the votes Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), and it was his worst percentage in four elections.

“Ciro Gomes is running for the presidency for the fourth time. He had just over 11% of the vote the first time. From the second, in 2002, about 12%, and in the last election he had more than 13% of the vote.” She explained William Bonner during the Elections special on TV Globo.

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Soon after, the result that lasted Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for the second round with 48.30% and 43.3% respectively, Ciro said it is him “deeply concerned about what is happening in Brazil”.

Netizens comment on Renata Lo Prete's reaction when she talks about Ciro Gomes (Photo Reproduction/Twitter)Netizens comment on Renata Lo Prete’s reaction when discussing Ciro Gomes’ performance (Photo Reproduction/Twitter)

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