Wilma Goich on Attilio Romita quotIve lost all respect for

Wilma Goich on Attilio Romita: "I’ve lost all respect for him" Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

The nervousness of Wilma Doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down tonight and after her outbreak with DanielThe cantata returns to talk to him about his nervousness too Nicole Murgia.

“Insults make me bitter,” explains the singer, still resentful Atilius Romita because of accusations throw them during the bet from yesterday evening, Monday 16 January. The singer cannot accept that Attilio attacked her for things that were reported to him and accuses the journalist of lying when he himself told Nicole that she had said unkind things about him. “I never spoke badly of you,” he says, clarifying his position to the person concerned.

“Reporting is definitely not healthy and doesn’t reflect the person you are,” comments Nicole, convinced they’ve both handled things poorly and addressing the issue in the episode rather than addressing it personally. Nicole admits that the numerous attacks on Wilma may have questioned her credibility within the house and that she doubted herself because of the things Oriana told her.

The two immediately clear up the misunderstanding that worries them, while Wilma does not seem to have any intention of forgiving Attilio, with whom she no longer wants to speak: “I have lost all the respect I have for him.”