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Windows 11: Audio quality of calls, connection to smartphone… Here is an overview of some upcoming new features – Frandroid

Microsoft is previewing some new features that will be available in build 26040 of Windows 11. In particular, an improved audio experience and better management of photos recently taken with the smartphone from the PC are planned.

Windows 11 Audio quality of calls connection to smartphone Here

While Windows 12 awaits Windows 12, Windows 11 continues to evolve to improve various aspects of its user experience. Microsoft announces the official launch of Insider Preview Build 26040 (Canary Channel). This is a release that only a limited number of people can initially test before rolling out the stable version to the general public. However, it's a nice preview of what's to come.

On the agenda: increased continuity between PC and smartphone, an interesting improvement in the audio quality of calls and innovations in USB-C ports.

Voice clarity

One of the big points highlighted in the changelog shared by Microsoft is bringing the Voice Clarity feature to a slightly larger number of people. This option was already available on the Redmond company's Surface products and aims to improve “your audio experience”. The promise is to eliminate echoes and echoes, remove background noise and reduce reverberation.

All this thanks to artificial intelligence models that can adapt in real time. No special hardware is required, Microsoft explains that it works on all machines with x64 and ARM64 processors. “This feature is enabled by default and can be used by applications that use audio signal processing modes, such as: E.g. Link with Windows and WhatsApp.”

Microsoft ensures that your voice is always heard very clearly in your meetings and other online communications.

Better manage your smartphone photos and screenshots

In this build 26040, Microsoft is also integrating a new feature that makes it easier and smoother for you to manage recent photos and screenshots taken with your smartphone from your computer. These images can be accessed directly from the Windows 11 Screen Capture Tool.

Windows 11 Audio quality of calls connection to smartphone Here

When you take a photo with your Android smartphone, you will receive a notification directly on your PC so that you can edit the image.

To enable this experience, go to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Mobile devices (these settings were updated with build 26016 in the Canary Channel), select “Manage devices” and allow your PC to access your Android phone. Your PC will receive a Cross Device Experience Host update from the Microsoft Store, which is required for this experience to work.

The company says this feature will replace a very similar option presented in September 2023, but which relied on the Link with Windows – Mobile connected application.

Very fast USB-C

Microsoft also announces “support for the latest generation USB standard, USB 80 Gbit/s, in this version” for Windows 11. This new feature will initially be reserved for PCs equipped with Intel Core (14th Generation) HX series processors. Special mention goes to the Razer Blade 18, which has already been made official but will be released later this year.

The program for this “first major update of the USB4 version” includes bidirectional transfer speeds of 80 Gbit/s instead of 40.