With a dress with a pronounced neckline Jennifer Lopez turned

With a dress with a pronounced neckline, Jennifer Lopez turned on the network

Jennifer Lopez It’s a true fashion icon and no one denies that. Of course, the diva didn’t want to stop presenting herself perfectly for the most important celebrations of the year: Christmas and New Year. That’s why the multi-faceted Hollywood star has wowed the world with her incredible festive outfits.

For Christmas Eve and Christmas, the “Diva from the Bronx” chose a light blue dress with a print of red bows and a white collar, one of her outfits that is the furthest from her classic looks. Even so, JLo She knew how to wear it like a goddess by choosing an updo and the matching heels.

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However, his appearance New Year It was the one that caused the most furore on the net in the last few hours. To get 2023, the “On The Floor” performer opted for a two-tone dress, consisting of a black skirt and a red V-neck top, both pieces connected by a heart-shaped tie high from his waist. Without a doubt, this garment was ideal for the body of jenniferas it perfectly stylized her figure.

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The red neckline caught the attention of her 230 million followers the most as it made her neck and chest look even longer and more elegant. As for makeup, the 53-year-old actress opted for smoky eyes that add depth to her eyes, in addition to a slight blush for her cheeks. Finally, JLo She completed the look by wearing her hair loose and in waves.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR! // HAPPY NEW YEAR!” he wrote touched Jennifer Lopez in the description of the video you shared New Year. The footage consisted of a compilation of short clips showing the singer looking at the camera with great confidence and joy. There was no lack of glasses to toast, nor were there any decorative details for the celebration.

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The post instantly became the most popular, garnering millions of views, at least 720,000 likes and endless comments like the following on Instagram: “You are an inspiration. Cheerful New Year beautiful”; “Cheerful New Year“; “Happy New Year”; Why does the cupcake say 2028? Is the video from the future?”; “2028 JLo from the future.” One of the photos showed the number 2028 instead of 2023, which attracted the most curious.