With the midlife crisis comes incredible maturity says Annie Villeneuve

“With the midlife crisis comes incredible maturity,” says Annie Villeneuve, releasing the first excerpt from her sixth album

Almost seven years after launch 5, Annie Villeneuve is finally preparing her return to record. The singer unveils the song today Being methe first excerpt from a new album that will be released before the end of the year.

“It's been a long time, hasn't it? I think it’s about time,” says Annie Villeneuve, laughing.

She's not wrong. But since the release of album 5 in spring 2017, she hasn't been idle. In addition to finding a microphone at Rythme FM, the singer took part in a number of joint projects ranging from the Christmas tour to a tradition in the song field the show À votre party!, excluding the recent reunion of the Star Académie at the Bell Center and then in the Forget Videotron Center.

And that's not to mention the pandemic, which curbed the creative impulses of many artists, including Annie Villeneuve.

“There are some who were really inspired during this break and wrote eight albums [rires]! But not me. Zero. “It was very difficult for me,” says the singer.

But eventually inspiration returned, prompting Annie Villeneuve to take up pen again. Today she unveils the first fruits with “Étre moi”, a catchy piece in which her pop has touches of rock and country. We can hear how the singer presents herself to music lovers in a new light, more mature and confident.

Midlife crisis

It was the midlife crisis she experienced last year that inspired Annie Villeneuve to write the lyrics to this song (which she co-signed with Patrick Bouchard).

“Every decade brings a time of questioning for me; Am I right here? I'm happy? I experienced it in both my 20s and 30s. But the good thing about the midlife crisis is that it comes with incredible maturity,” she says.

“I want to assume that I am strong. And at the same time, I hope people also sing Being Me loud and clear; I want to inspire them to realize that they too are strong,” she concludes.

If Annie Villeneuve prefers to keep the details of this sixth work secret, she promises to present it by the end of the year. About ten songs have already been written, three of which were recorded in Nashville.

  • The song Being Me is available today