Without a bra Bruna Marquezine appears on the internet in.webp

Without a bra, Bruna Marquezine appears on the internet in a striking dress: “Dona do Brasil”

Bruna Marquezine drove her fans and followers crazy on social media this Thursday (16) as she stepped out mightily with an extremely daring look. The actress squandered good shape, beauty and concept in the record posted on Instagram.

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In the photo, Marquezine appears in a pink dress with sheer fabric, no bra, while pampering herself for the camera.


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The model chosen by the actress still left her legs in the foreground on the internet. Bruna Marquezine’s click naturally brought a veritable shower of praise and messages of affection from followers.

“How can you be so perfect? A nice scandal,” commented one follower. “Our cause of death: Bruna Marquezine,” said another. “The real owner of Brazil is this woman, my people! Perfection in people,” emphasized a third.

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