quotWithout the income from citizens the Third World War will

"Without the income from citizens, the Third World War will come". So the South voted for the M5

It’s no secret that the 5 Star Movement’s big comeback to the polls is coming from the South, from those who have decided to vote for Giuseppe Conte’s party basic income. The M5, on the other hand, relied almost entirely on this element to reclaim votes that had dwindled in recent years. The confirmation that it is only the rdc to leverage the voters of the 5 star clockwork it comes from a report aired during the episode of Zona Bianca on Sunday October 2nd. The Mediaset program went to Naples, where the M5s received about 42% of the preferences, confirming themselves as the first party.

The people interviewed by the White Zone journalist admitted without too many words that their vote was for Giuseppe Conte and his party in order to keep the promised welfare system. “We voted for the 5 Star Movement not to take the revenue,” says one woman, explaining her decision by saying “if they take the revenue, Third World War“Words that almost sound like a threat to the new government and that don’t sound new because Giuseppe Conte himself spoke of a civil war in the event of an income freeze during the election campaign. Strong and irresponsible judgments, especially from a political leaders, feeding the risk of unrest to the most agitated fringe groups.

“The North lives differently than we do, almost everyone has a job. We’re almost a city unemployed“said a woman who receives 560 euros in citizenship income. Many comments on the Internet from those who disputed the statements of the people interviewed during the service emphasized that it is not true that almost everyone works in the North. Then they criticized “this way of life “, with the right to social assistance, which is “too rooted” in southern Italy.

However, all of this is based on a mistake, which is one fake news from the election campaign. In fact, the centre-right party has repeatedly reiterated that it wants to continue helping those who really need it, those who cannot work, by taking away income from the young and those who are skilled in the trades and precisely works on creating wealth of citizens, strengthening the social and economic fabric of the territory.