Woman dies after stirring cup of tea with wrong spoon

Woman dies after stirring cup of tea with wrong spoon

A 24yearold woman has died in South Africa after stirring her cup of tea with the wrong spoon. Jess Prinsloo, who suffered from a milk protein allergy, used the dirty utensil filled with leftover food and mixed her drink. The accident happened on December 30th. Jess was admitted the next day, but she could not resist the complications of the allergic crisis.

Another sad detail of the case is that Jess’ boyfriend Craig McKinnon proposed to her four days before the death.

The couple vacationed in South Africa, where much of the woman’s family resides. On December 27, Craig proposed to his partner at a traditional tourist spot in the city of Mpumalanga. After that, the couple went to Johannesburg, where Jess’ mother lives.

The companion, in an interview with the British newspaper Mirror, confided that if he accidentally consumed milk during the trip, his thenfiancé was taking antiallergy medication. However, the specified dosage was not sufficient to curb the strong allergic crisis after the accident with the dirty spoon of milk.

“When she died, a part of me died too, but there is no one I can blame for her death,” said Craig, the young woman’s partner.

The two met in college in 2019 and decided to live together in 2021 during the Covid19 pandemic. With the flexibility to be around the world, the couple decided to find Jess’s family on the African continent, the perfect place, so with Mann himself, she was proposed.

This was not the first time that the young woman was very ill. When Jess was 18, Craig said in an interview with the Mirror, she had to be resuscitated after ingesting milk protein in an Indian dessert that was supposed to be vegan.

Although the young woman’s death was in late 2022, McKinnon did not return to the UK with the ashes of the deceased bride until this Wednesday (24th).