Woman dies of 39genital rupture39 after falling from jet ski

Woman dies of 'genital rupture' after falling from jet ski driven by her husband

Russian Elena Spiryakova was 49 years old

Russian Elena Spiryakova was 49 years old

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A woman died after suffering a “genital tear” after falling from a speeding jet ski driven by her husband. The information comes from the British newspaper Chron.

The accident occurred on the Samara River in Russia in July 2023, but the details have only now become public, following the publication of the final report. The victim is 40yearold Russian Elena Spiryakova.

According to the document, she rode on the stern of the watercraft and sailed on the river that flows into the larger Volga in Samara.

“After another turn, the woman could no longer stay on the jet ski and fell into the water, and at that moment her husband stepped on the accelerator,” Russian media outlet Baza reported.

The fall produced what is known as a “hammer blow”. In this case, when the water suddenly changed direction, it hit the Russian woman's genital area, Baza said.

Elena was rushed to the hospital, but doctors couldn't save her and she died the next day. Her husband Oleg, 52, is now accused of “causing death through negligence” after the victim's family filed a lawsuit.

Source: Redação Terra