Woman fired for wearing revealing clothing and human resources prank

Woman fired for wearing ‘revealing clothing’ and human resources prank goes viral

The young man vented about the situation on TikTok and received support from thousands of followers

Marie Dee has been fired from work several times because of her clothes.

Marie Dee has been fired from work several times because of her clothes.

Photo: Playback/TikTok

A young American woman went viral on TikTok after revealing that she was fired from work multiple times for wearing clothes deemed “revealing” by the company’s human resources department. Defended by thousands of followers, she decided to pull a prank to see if the problem was actually the envy of other employees.

In one of the videos, Marie Dee showed the dialogue she had with a human resources employee. During the conversation, the colleague said that she could not wear the tight black dress with a high collar in the work environment because it was “a distraction”. The situation has happened before, he said.

“Guys it’s happened again, I’m being sent home to change. This is getting ridiculous,” Marie said in the TikTok video.

When she asked the HR department, she got the answer: “I’m sorry, but you can’t use this. It’s very revealing and disturbing,” says the female voice. Confused, Marie replied, “Is it a distraction?” and the clerk replies, “I’d love to.”


It’s getting ridiculous.

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A follower wrote in a comment that the HR woman was probably jealous of her looks, which is why she left her so often. That’s when Marie Dee decided to play a prank as a test to see if the problem would happen to a male HR employee.

She wore a lowcut lime green dress with a black blazer over it and heeled sandals. The look was deliberately designed to break the company’s dress code. On this day, a man would run Human Resources.

Marie went to the department manager’s office, and the department head responded positively to the Tiktoker look, praising her and telling her to “go for a walk.” “Since this is getting so ridiculous I decided to reply ridiculously,” read the caption of Marie Dee’s post.

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