Woman Lives With A Snake In Her Stomach Doctors Dont

Woman Lives With A Snake In Her Stomach: Doctors Don’t Know What To Do Ecoo

A very strange story comes from the United States and revolves around a woman who, during a medical examination, appears to have a snake in her body. How is it possible?

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The history of mankind is also that history of medicine This ranges from a collection of popular beliefs to an in-depth and systematic study of the human body. Not all great discoveries are the result of modernity, and in some ancient cultures studies were indeed deemed worthy of employing the most advanced modern tools.

However, the fact remains that it is precisely with the arrival of a number of scientific instruments that it was possible to diagnose a large number of physical problems and, in most cases, to find at least one solution that made this possible Survive of the patient and in this article, which dates back to an 1864 issue of the New York Times, a story is told terrible and to which not even the doctors seemed to find an answer. Who knows if there wasn’t a solution if an x-ray machine was available.

The Woman with the Snake in Her Stomach: The Story of Mrs. Evers

On the New York Times website There is a section devoted to the newspaper’s archives before they existed in digital form. The most interesting articles for those who love certain stories are obviously those that date back to the last century or even two centuries ago, as is the case with an edition July 10, 1864 telling a story on page 6 that is unbelievable.

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Mrs. Evers, wife of Mr. WM Evers, 35 years old, was in pain since four years a truly inexplicable indigestion: medically diagnosed in his body there was a snake. And while this may seem like the strangest part of the story, the inexplicable is yet to happen. For, as detailed in the 1864 article, woman’s relation to this is his strange giant parasite it was anything but peaceful. With a description reminiscent of science fiction and horror films, it is made clear that the snake, apparently alive and well in the woman’s stomach, even had a habit of climbing up to her throat ask for food. And if he didn’t enjoy cooking, he tried to be practical strangle the woman from inside.

An impossible operation

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The idea that a snake can survive in the human body is now considered crazy. The action of gastric juices and their deficiency oxygen In fact, it would result in the almost instantaneous death of any living thing that might accidentally be swallowed alive. But evidently Mrs. Evers’ pains in 1864 raised a medical question which, as we read in the last few lines of the article, lingered terrific Mainly because the doctors, convinced of the diagnosis of the gastric snake, even assessed it the hypothesis of the operation They had decided to extract the animal, but then they had decided it would be a risky operation that would surely result in the patient’s death. Given the few elements the article provides and the impossibility of investigating further, it is perhaps simpler that poor Mrs. Evers either suffered from a stomach disorder that caused reflux and nausea, or that she was simply infested with some other parasite . Probably a tapeworm.