Working for Your People The podcast where community services are

Working for Your People: The podcast where community services are told by employees

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A year after launching its employer brand, Trois-Rivières is launching its first-ever podcast: Working for your world. In return, four employees take the audience behind the scenes of the city administration and talk about their journey.

The 10 to 15 minute episodes are available on the following page and on the Apple Podcasts and Spotify platforms.

Four episodes to discover important careers

The first episode deals with the sensitive issue of pyrrhotite in Trois-Rivières and the management of three major projects in the city under the watchful supervision of Carl, the manager. Marie-Ève, a police officer, then takes us to the heart of the interventions that have shaped her in recent years.

In Episode 3, Roxanne, an inventory management expert, addresses the procurement challenges of managing an inventory of more than 15,000 items. The final title is about Yvan, a dedicated worker who started as a city worker in the 1980s and gave up his career as head of continuous improvement in 2023.

The management of major projects in a city under the eyes of CarlFebruary 29th
Protect and serve, told by Marie-Ève, police officerFebruary 29th
The challenges of inventory management explained by RoxanneMarch 12th
From asphalt to tie, the journey of Yvan, a man of change26th of March

The employer brand is firmly established

The city's employer brand, launched in 2023, spawned a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the city's workforce and positioning Trois-Rivières as an employer of choice.

In total, 6 subcommittees were set up and 46 measures were implemented. The years of service of the 337 employees were particularly highlighted and several recognition events were organized. An awareness campaign for city employees was also carried out.

Working for Your People The podcast where community services are

Working for Your People The podcast where community services are.svg