World Food Program Deputy Director for Gaza quotWidespread hunger is

World Food Program Deputy Director for Gaza: "Widespread hunger is just around the corner" Euronews

The deputy executive director of the World Food Program stresses that everyone in Gaza is desperately in need of food and that a quarter of the population is in a catastrophic situation. In an interview with Euronews, Carl Skau leaves a serious warning: the area could be hit by widespread famine at any time.


Since Israel's military offensive against Hamas last October, around 85% of the Gaza Strip's population has been displaced and almost the entire population is suffering from extreme hunger.

At a time when food supplies are becoming increasingly scarce, the situation is getting worse day by day Hundreds of thousands are already living in a disaster situation.

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Euronews correspondent Giorgia Orlandi spoke to the Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Program and Carl Skau speaks pure “desperation”.

“Really terrible. The entire population of two million and 200,000 people is desperately looking for food. They are all at crisis level. A quarter of the population 500,000 people is in a catastrophic situation, it is unprecedented, the scale, the severity, but also the speed at which things are currently happening. “Widespread hunger may be imminent,” he said.

Compared to the prewar period The daily number of humanitarian aid trucks entering Gaza rose from 500 to just 30.

The bureaucracy is enormous with regard to Jordanian or Egyptian access to the Gaza Strip. We need to simplify the process to ensure we have large volumes[Lebensmittel]transport to the borders and within these borders. There is nothing to wait,[dealimentos)paraasfronteirasequeosfazemospassarparadentrodelasNãohánadaporqueesperar[dealimentos)paraasfronteirasequeosfazemospassarparadentrodelasNãohánadaporqueesperarWe must change the situation now so that we can save lives every day.,” concluded Carl Skau.