World Synod 2024 prepare intensely and concretely Vatican News German

World Synod 2024 “prepare intensely and concretely” Vatican News German

The Popular Church Movement “We are Church” has called on German bishops and ecclesiastical education service providers to make intensive use of the time leading up to the World Synod in October 2024. The dynamism and spirit of optimism of the World Synod in October 2024 2023 should not be missed.

Cardinal Hollerich: Don't be afraid of change in the Church

Luxembourg cardinal and general rapporteur of the World Synod, Jean-Claude Hollerich, called for “listening to the Holy Spirit, listening to one another and therefore not being afraid…

The fundamental theme of “Synodality”, as well as the issues of the Synodal Path in Germany and the World Synod in 2023, must continue to be worked on intensively, stated the Popular Church Movement in its press release published on Friday. The reform process initiated by Pope Francis must be “concretely continued at all levels of the universal Church”.

Consult all 27 instructions of the German diocese

According to their own information, “We are Church” asked all German diocesan leaders for information about what is currently being done in their respective local churches to accompany the 2023 World Synod and prepare for the 2024 World Synod. they also asked “which local church committees and people were involved in this work and who are the responsible contact people in the diocese.” Diocesan leaders were invited to respond to the General Secretariat by May 15th.

Appeal to Catholic educational institutions

“We Are Church” called on Catholic academies in Germany to “continue to engage with the fundamental theme of ‘synodality’ as well as the issues addressed in the Synodal Path in Germany and the World Synod in 2023.” In return, “Somos Igreja” offered educational institutions the opportunity to publicize current projects and plans in this regard.

“Now practice synodality at all levels of the Church”

“We are Church” referred to the five-page “Until October 2024” document from the General Secretariat of the Vatican Synod of December 11, 2023. The document provides “very precise information on how to continue work on the key issue' HOW can the differentiated co-responsibility of all members of God's people be strengthened for the mission?' at the level of individual local churches and at the level of relations between churches, associations at different levels and with the Bishop of Rome”. The current aggressive polarization shows how important it is to reestablish synodality as a form of Church communication.

Four weeks after the end of the World Synod in Rome, “We are Church” called in an informative letter for synodality to be practiced now at all levels of the Church, “so that the dynamism and spirit of optimism that can be felt within and outside the synodal hall in Rome in October 2023 is not there, get lost”. The Popular Movement of the Church followed the preparation process and the 2023 Synod in Rome and announced that it would continue with a view to the 2024 assembly.

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