would you drink Technology company produces beer made from bath

would you drink Technology company produces beer made from bath water

Ecologically correct products are becoming increasingly popular and have become a goal for many companies. In fact, there is a consensus in business about finding ways to use natural resources consciously. For this reason, a beer was developed that can be made with recycled water collected from the bath.

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In fact, water collected and used in the bathroom, kitchen sink, laundry, etc. can be used. The novelty was developed in the USA and uses water from the 40 floors of apartments in San Francisco (USA). The Guardian newspaper points this out.

Beer made with “recycled” water is becoming a reality in the US

The City of San Francisco passed a landmark law requiring the installation of water reuse systems on major development projects. These systems purify dirty water and use it onsite for activities such as toilet flushing or irrigation. However, it can also be reused to make beer. The technology was developed by the company Epic Cleantec.

The name of the new beer, which follows the Kölsh style, is Epic OneWater Brew. Epic Cleantec brought over 2,000 gallons of highly filtered, clean and purified water to Devil’s Canyon where it was brewed and packed into 7,500 beer cans.

“We wanted to make something fun that’s an engaging tool that people can talk about and get excited about, but also showcase the untapped potential of water reuse,” Aaron Tartakovsky, the company’s CEO and cofounder, told The Guardian .

Always happy to have one #PureWaterBrewThe #Beer Made from recycled material #Water.

This kolsch is made with purified water from San Francisco’s first approved gray water reuse system found in an apartment building.

Bottom up @ATartakovsky & @EpicCleantec for the delicious, sustainable beer! pic.twitter.com/WT3oPZmVN5

— Travis Loop (@travisloop) March 24, 2023

Incentive to make beer with filtered water

In recent years, brewing with recycled water has gained popularity in different parts of the world. In the US, however, this practice has become even more intense.

In 2019, a beer competition in Oregon challenged home brewers to brew with purified water provided by a local utility. Meanwhile, in Singapore, recycled wastewater from a sewage treatment plant has been used to make a beer called NEWBrew.

The state of Colorado recently passed a new rule allowing the use of highly treated wastewater as drinking water. Other states like Ohio, South Carolina and New Mexico are working on similar ideas to promote sustainability and reduce drinking water waste.