WSJ, “90 day plan for Gaza brokered by US, Qatar and Egypt”

Diplomatic efforts are underway by the United States, Qatar and Egypt to persuade Israel and Hamas to agree on a new proposal, and it is possible that a new round of negotiations will take place in Cairo in the next few days. This was reported – picked up by Israeli media – by the Wall Street Journal, which said the mediators had proposed a 90-day plan starting with a ceasefire and the release of all civilian hostages in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from Israel and a slow withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.
This first phase also includes an end to drone surveillance over Gaza and a significant increase in humanitarian aid. In the second phase, Hamas would release the kidnapped soldiers and the bodies of the dead simultaneously with the release of other Palestinian prisoners.
The third phase, the WSJ reports, would involve the release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers in exchange for the army's relocation outside the Gaza Strip. (HANDLING).

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