1704726019 Xbox39s cheap controller is even cheaper after a 44 reduction

Xbox's cheap controller is even cheaper after a 44% reduction – Frandroid

Lightweight, ergonomic and pleasant to use: the wired Nano PowerA controller developed with Xbox is now available for just 24.99 euros, compared to the base price of 44.99 euros.

Xbox39s cheap controller is even cheaper after a 44 reductionPowerA wired Xbox controller series

We love the controllers developed by Xbox, and the controllers developed in collaboration with the PowerA brand are also very popular references. The Nano model offers all the benefits of the Xbox Series controllers as well as some interesting features for gamers and is reduced in price today thanks to this 44% discount.

What is the Nano PowerA Controller for Xbox Series X/S?

  • An ergonomic, small and lightweight controller
  • Programmable buttons
  • Compatible on Xbox consoles and Windows PC

Instead of a crossed-out price of 44.99 euros, the Nano Power A Controller is currently discounted at 24.99 euros on Amazon.

A controller with nice interfaces

Like the Xbox Series controllers, the PowerA Nano places great emphasis on comfort. The dimensions of this model have been revised compared to the first version and the weight has been reduced, making it more comfortable to hold.

It offers good comfort thanks to the handles with handles, so you can keep it in your hand while playing. Also note that this controller is wired, so you don't have to monitor battery life every hour. The obligatory cable connection is not appreciated by everyone, but it still has its advantages, such as the absence of batteries that would weigh the whole thing down. There's even a 3.5mm stereo jack and a quick access button for headset settings and microphone deactivation.

A personalized gaming experience

For its price, it offers interesting customization options. There are two customizable advanced gaming buttons on the back that can be programmed at any time, even in the middle of a game. It also has two vibration motors that increase immersion in the game thanks to the feedback quality touchscreen. In terms of compatibility, the PowerA controller works with the Xbox Series X and S, but also with the Xbox One and on Windows PCs.

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