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XDefiant: The New Shooter Phenomenon Takes the Market – Games.ca

The giant Ubisoft launches its latest FPS, XDefiant, which could well win against already established franchises like Call of Duty and Overwatch. Between information on the release date, the different platforms offered and the possibility of a Battle Royale mode, discover everything you need to know about it new video game sensation.

Release date and available platforms

xdefiant Ubisoft FPS game

While many players are eagerly awaiting the official release of XDefiant, a specific date has not yet been communicated by Ubisoft. However, it is already possible to participate in the closed beta of the game and preview the various features.

As for the platforms on which the game will be available, we can assume that it will be available on both current consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X) and those of the previous generation (PS4, Xbox One), as well as only on PC will be.

A complete success in the beta phase

The XDefiant closed beta has already brought together more than a million players, a testament to the excitement this new title is generating. Despite some technical issues due to the testing phase, e.g. B. unstable servers, the response from the first users was mostly positive. Some content creators even believe the game could surpass flagship titles like Modern Warfare 2.thanks in particular to its faction system and the early introduction of the competitive ranked mode.

An FPS inspired by Ubisoft’s greatest hits

Tom's Clancy's Xdefiant

XDefiant draws on the Ubisoft universe and offers a unique blend of elements from Far Cry, Ghost Recon and Call of Duty games. The result is a free multiplayer online shooter which is characterized by its Original game mechanics and be many competitive game modes.

  • 14 different maps
  • Up to six players compete against each other in the competitive ranked mode
  • Free in free-to-play mode with regular add-on content

XDefiant faction system

One of the peculiarities of XDefiant lies in this faction systemallowing players to choose a variety of characters from different Ubisoft universes. Each faction has its own unique abilities and strengths, prompting players to develop strategies specific to each faction.

A possible Battle Royale mode to compete with Call of Duty?

Although no official announcement has been made regarding the presence of a Battle Royale mode in XDefiant, it seems that Ubisoft is willing to do whatever it takes to compete with the Call of Duty franchise. Therefore, adding such a mode to XDefiant could be considered to reach an even wider audience and appeal to fans of this type of gameplay.

Finally, XDefiant seems to have all the assets to make it in the FPS market, with an original and competitive offering that could well outshine established franchises. It remains to wait for the official release to find out if the title will actually win the hearts of the players.

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