Xuxa explains herself after being accused of queuing to vote

Xuxa explains herself after being accused of queuing to vote: ‘Lady started screaming’

The moderator arrived at the polling station and went straight to the polls, prompting a revolt by one voter

Reproduction/Instagram/xuxameneghel/07/07/2021Xuxa poses on a ladder for the photo
Xuxa said she asked a supporter to stand in line for her

the lecturer Xuxa Meneghel manifested after he was accused of standing in line at voting this Sunday the 2nd Rio de Janeiro. The artist got into trouble in her constituency because she arrived and went straight to the ballot box. According to the presenter, she didn’t line up because a fan named Nadia did it for her. “I voted with a lot of pride…but to not have the uproar I always have I asked a supporter I’ve known for 30 years to stand in line for me so I don’t bother anyone with some people who.” Want to take pictures with me,” Xuxa wrote on social media. “For the first time ever, a group with an unsuspecting lady started yelling that I had cut the line (since I was going straight to vote), I blew her a kiss and then kissed my shoulder… [ela] not understood because it is obvious that he is a person with little intellectual understanding.” The eternal Queen of Shorts also explained what she meant by her gestures. “I make it clear that my kiss is a way of saying, ‘I’m not answering you, so I’m not going down to your level and taking my affection,’ and the kiss on the shoulder is, ‘I’m sorry you don’t ‘. I don’t have anyone who likes you, who respects you as a person and who can stand in line for you.’ Clarifying, drawing for this lady in the Brazil jersey: I’m at ease with my voice,” the artist concluded.