Yan Philippe Leduc would have made another victim He strangled me

Yan-Philippe Leduc would have made another victim: “He strangled me until I lost consciousness” –

Yan-Philippe Leduc, the man who allegedly violently beat his ex-girlfriend Laury Choinière and sent her to the hospital, is said to have made a second victim on the same day.

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Laury Choinière gave a moving testimony at TVA Nouvelles on Friday. The young woman is said to have been brutally attacked by the 27-year-old suspect last December.

TVA Nouvelles learned Monday that private trainer Yan-Philippe Leduc allegedly physically assaulted another young woman the same day, Dec. 30, in Brossard on Montreal's South Shore.

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23-year-old Sabrina Germain gave her statement on Monday full of emotions.

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In the images provided to TVA Nouvelles, we can see numerous injuries on the young woman's face. She had to stay in the hospital for some time to be treated for her injuries.

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She is still very mentally vulnerable and says this is not the first time she has been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of this man.

Yan-Philippe Leduc allegedly beat him in his car on Lapinière Boulevard in Brossard after receiving a call from Laury Choinière, the other alleged victim.

“He received a call from his ex-girlfriend Laury. He told me that “I wasn't interested in talking”… He hadn't managed to hang up the phone, so Laury heard my voice. On the way from Montreal to Brossard he beat me badly, he choked me until I lost consciousness,” she confessed in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

Near the Yan-Philippe Leduc house where Laury was waiting for her, Sabrina managed to get out of the car “semi-conscious.”

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“I ran and fell into a ravine. I lost consciousness for I don’t know how long,” she comments.

At the hospital, Sabrina was diagnosed with head trauma and a severe concussion. She explained that she had damaged nasal cartilage and a split lip.

Yan-Philippe Leduc already faces several charges in connection with Laury Choinière's complaint, including assault, suffocation, false imprisonment and breach of conditions.

He is in custody and will appear in court again on Wednesday.