1709635170 Yasmin Brunet despairs and asks to leave BBB 24

Yasmin Brunet despairs and asks to leave BBB 24

Yasmin Brunet cries
Yasmin Brunet cries after argument with Davi on BBB 24 (Reproduction / Globoplay) Reproduction / Internet Redao Observatário da TV

03/05/2024 01:32

The tense hut in between Yasmin Brunet and David the sister left this Monday (04) destabilized. After the discussion ended, the model got it in her head that she wanted to leave BBB24. Crying, she pleaded with her allies to vote for her to move on to the next round Wallwhen the rival returns from the hot seat on Tuesday (05).

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While Yasmin burst into tears, Michel tried to comfort her by telling her to think with a cool head. Lucas Henrique had a long chat with his sister and advised her to ignore Davis' words, emphasizing that she had been on the show for two months. 'If he [Davi] “When I come back from this paredo, I ask you to put me in the next paredo,” asked the celebrity.

'If you [o pblico do programa] You don't see who he is [Davi] I don't care about this game anymore out there. Seriously, I don't care [continuar]', he defined. “Yasmin, now is not the time to think about it, you are too thin,” advised the geography teacher. “If he stays here, I will [sair]' said the blonde. “He’s doing this so that Yasmin and I can go to Paredo,” Leidy lamented.

Yasmin also complained about Beatriz and Alane defending Davi on the reality show she hosts Tadeu Schmidt. “Leidy, do you know why they’re even more assholes? Because I needed to hear from Bia that this is “his personality.” You are the same as him. “I don’t care,” said Luiza Brunet’s daughter.

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