Yemeni authorities warn that US must stop its aggression against Gaza if it wants to preserve its ships

Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, member of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen. Photo: Almayadeen.

The member of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, reiterated this Saturday that the United States must stop Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and lift the siege of this Palestinian land: “if you want to preserve your reputation and your ships.”

From Sanaa, they established political and diplomatic contacts to explain Yemen's position on freedom of navigation, while warning of the possibility of chaos in the region due to American and British threats against Yemeni soil.

As the member of the Sanaa negotiating delegation Abdul Malik El-Ajri explained, his government's diplomatic and political efforts are aimed at strengthening Yemen's position on freedom of navigation and global trade security for all ships of any country, except those that There are destined to highlight Israeli ports while the siege and genocide against Gaza continues.

Also They warned of attempts to sabotage the political process by the US and the UK. with explicit threats to restart the war in Yemen and disrupt global shipping and trade in order to avoid taking responsibility for ending the aggression in Gaza.

In a post on the X platform, El-Ajri called ““uncalculated adventures” the actions of “Israel” and its Western allies.

Yemen has no intention of expanding the conflict, as it said from day one, but it accepts the consequences of its efforts to support Gaza in the context of international and regional pressure on “Israel”.

In fact, the whole world warned about the consequences of the crazy behavior of the Zionist entity. including the United Nations, the Arab League, China, Russia and countries in the region, But Washington stubbornly stood by him in front of the whole world, said the Yemeni leader.

The United States has taken the opposite path to international and regional desire, choosing military escalation and a policy of force, thereby showing its inability to address the crisis and restore stability, the representative said Sanaa.

It should be noted that the United States and the United Kingdom, in collaboration with several other countries, launched aggression against Yemen this month and have carried out several bombings in recent days. after their attempts to dissuade Yemen from lifting the naval blockade against “Israel” failed“.

The Yemeni armed forces, in turn, have made several statements assuring their willingness not to let this interference by the international coalition led by the White House in the Red Sea go unanswered and punished.

(Taken from Almayadeen)