Yotuel announces the return of Orishas with new members

Yotuel announces the return of Orishas with new members

The Cuban rapper I you he announced the group’s return Orishas for 2024 with new members, all Cubans, although the names of the new members are currently unknown.

“We are coming again next year. We are preparing a new album. “I am very happy to return with Orishas”Yotuel said in statements to the Efe agency that he only assumed that one of the new members lived in Spain and the other in the United States.

However, there is speculation on social networks that those chosen could be the rapper Hugo González – known as Double 9 – and Enyel Cuba, a sonero from Madrid.

No one is essential in a person’s life. Every person has a specific time in their life and a special character in their story. Those who go can do well, those who come can be welcome. Feelings die. Feelings are born. Friendships end and others begin. Just be happy in this life that God has given you,” Yotuel wrote in recent days along with a fragment from Enyel Cuba that gave voice to one of the Orishas classics.

“Right now I’d rather focus on celebrating this Patria y Vida’s video is nominated for a Latin Grammy. It is a new call to draw attention to the situation of the Cuban people, especially Osorbo, our partner in the project,” Yotuel said in statements to Efe when asked directly about the new members of the Orishas.

The rapper had already expected to travel to Seville to attend the Latin Grammy ceremony, which will take place on November 16th.

The stages of the Orishas

Orishas came to prominence in 1999 with an unprecedented musical proposal that combined traditional Cuban music with hip-hop and rap.

Yotuel and Hiram Riverí Medina – known as Ruzzo – were former members of the hip-hop band Amenaza, while Roldán González was the voice of the traditional group Rico Son.

With a total of six studio albums and five short productions, Orishas sold millions of records internationally. They won four Latin American Grammy Awards and one American. However, in 2010 the group announced their breakup.

Five years later, in 2015, they met to continue a second phase that finally ended in January 2021. The separation of the Orishas This was announced a few weeks before the explosion Premiere of home and lifethe song that became the anthem of democracy in Cuba.

Yotuel then gave the reason for the separation that the three had different interests in music, that they wanted to continue as soloists and that they did not want to “continue to force something that no longer existed”.

“I think COVID has also come to rethink a lot of things for us and each of us wants to lead our careers as a soloist. Only God knows whether orishas will return one day, in five, ten or fifteen years, I don’t know.” he said.

In mid-2021 – when the premiere of Patria y Vida was a reality – they came to light Disagreements between Yotuel and his former Orishas companions.

Meanwhile, the artistic representative of Ruzzo and Roldán threatened to sue Yotuel for more than a million dollars and made very serious allegations against the author of Patria y Vida.

Canal – from the Spanish company Staff 69 Producciones – denied that Ruzzo and Roldán had released any song against Patria y Vida, referring to the musical song “Cuba”, in which both artists were involved, and took the opportunity to make a long list of complaints to reel off, one of which was that Yotuel retained full rights to the Orishas Group brand.

“There are no contracts for life, for an indefinite period of time. That there are invalid contracts in Spain and all over the world,” emphasized the entrepreneur.

For his part, Yotuel made this clear He would never allow the songs he composed to represent a government and not in a city.