You have already been selected Four TikTok influencers are said

“You have already been selected”; Four TikTok influencers are said to be at BBB 23’s casa de vidro, says Pe…


According to the Instagram profile Otarian, four names have already been confirmed for the experiment

Photos: Instagram/Vanessa Lopes (left)  Instagram/Beca Barreto (right)Photos: Instagram/Vanessa Lopes (left) Instagram/Beca Barreto (right)

Like BBB 23 getting closer, new speculation and rumors appear in the media. Some names like Vanessa Camaro, Paula Fernandes and Joao Guilherme are quoted for the reality show, which will be in the format of for the fourth year running Popcorn x cabins. The last champion was, as everyone knows Arthur Aguiarwho took the prize 68.96% of voices.

late last month, cute stirred up the web by posting a list of celebrities who could be featured in the next issue. The director urged viewers on his Instagram to vote and choose which contestants should be chosen: “The list of BBB nominees is so long that I’ve decided to give an award like the Hollywood Oscar,” he joked “Big Boss”.

Rumor has it that Casa de Vidro will be founded by TikTok influencers

Attraction already confirmed for 2023, the glasshouse promises to give what can be talked about. According to profile information OtarianIn the Instagrama TV globe wants to rely on four influencers tick tock to appeal to younger audiences. According to the site, four names have been confirmed: Vanessa Lopes (27 million), Beca Barreto (27.5 million), Lucas Abreu (7.8 million) and Gustavo Tubarao (8.6 million).

“According to reliable sources, they have already been selected. The team reportedly consists of Vanessa Lopes, Beca Barreto, Lucas Abreu and Gustavo Tubarão. It is worth mentioning that due to the contract, all quoted participants must refuse any information that they are in reality,” published the portal, which has more than 3.1 million followers.

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