You have mail for yourself pinched Maria De Filippi quotSame

You have mail for yourself, pinched Maria De Filippi: "Same dress". The detail that doesn’t escape time

A new episode of You've Got Mail and new, incredible stories. A special guest was the very esteemed and loved Luca Argentero. Strengthened by the success of “Doc – In Your Hands” and more in love than ever with his wife Cristina Marino, the actor is one of the surprises of the new cast. But it was Maria De Filippi, the queen of reconciliations, who caught the attention of viewers. The elegant, polite moderator almost always manages to intervene correctly and promote family or couple meetings. What didn't go unnoticed by those most attentive that evening, however, was the dress she wore. The reason? For many it seemed nothing new.

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Glamorous look, undisputed class. Maria De Filippi entered the studio and gave everyone in attendance a style lesson. For the third episode of the popular people show, the presenter presented a short-sleeved midi dress. It is a sheath model in bright light blue, characterized by a crepe effect texture, a round neckline, a tailored fit and a knee-length skirt. It was designed by Victoria Beckham and is sold on luxury fashion e-commerce sites for 1,090 euros. Many keen-eyed examiners immediately realized that they had already seen the dress. Where and to whom? We have to go back in time to when Meghan Markle returned to London with Harry for the first time in March 2020 after Megxit.