Young woman claiming to be Madeleine is rejected by her

Young woman claiming to be Madeleine is rejected by her own family

Summary of news

  • Julia Faustyna says she is rejected by her own family.
  • The young man claims to be Madeleine McCann, a girl who disappeared in 2007.
  • Grandma said she doesn’t want to see her anymore and screamed during a conversation.
  • Mom claims daughter needs medical help and threatens to disappear.

Young woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann cries as she says she is rejected by her own family Reproduction Instagram/ @iammadelemccan

The young German posing as Madeleine McCann, who disappeared during a family outing in 2007, says she was rejected by relatives.

In a live she published on social networks, Julia Faustyna reports what she experiences with her own family.

“My grandmother called me, said I was a very bad person, that she didn’t want to see me anymore, and started yelling at me,” he said.

In the sequence, the young woman changes the position of the cell phone, leaves the camera and is heard to cry.

She previously released printouts of the messages she received from her mother, in which she said her daughter needs medical attention and that the family will be abandoning her because of the shame they are going through.

“You’re sick, Julia,” says the message from the young woman’s mother. “I’m selling the house and neither of us will answer the phone if you call for everything you’ve done and for the embarrassment you’ve caused me.”

Julia has over 610,000 followers on the I am Madeleine McCann profile she created on Instagram.

The posts highlight her similarities to Madeleine and to couple Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of the missing girl.

A young woman claiming to be Madeleine lists the points that support her theory

Julia Faustyna, 21, continues to take to her social networks to make public her suspicion of being Madeleine McCann, the girl who mysteriously disappeared during a trip to Portugal with her parents in 2007.

The young woman, who currently resides in Poland, has published a series of posts revealing the reasons that lead her to believe that she is the one the police have been looking for for the past 16 years. She points out physical similarities and moments in her life that coincide with the investigation.

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The first reason Julia mentions is that she was the victim of a pedophile of German origin. According to her, the man who committed the sexual abuse resembles one of the portraits that police have released as a suspect in Madeleine’s kidnapping.

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She tells the publication that she confronted the perpetrator two weeks ago. The man would have been nervous and would have responded with slaps in the face, behavior that Julia considered suspicious and that would support her thesis.

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Julia also claims that the suspect and the perpetrator are not only of German origin, but also have the same surname. What would indicate that it is the same person?

The main suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance is German Christian Brueckner, but there have been no formal charges.

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The young German added to the list of main evidence a sign that Madeleine had in one of her eyes. She explains in the publication that her mark has disappeared but she will be going to the doctor to confirm the theory.

A photo posted on the Instagram profile attempts to compare the two’s irises

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In the list she published, Julia claims that she and Madeleine have the same eye, face and lip shape

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Another point she usually mentions is the similarity between the smiles. The distance between her front teeth would be an indication that she is Madeleine

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She also compares her smile to Madeleine’s mother’s.

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The Instagram profile, which has nearly 400,000 followers, has several photos that Julia posted to prove her resemblance to British couple Kate and Gerry McCann

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In a post three days ago, Julia says someone noticed that she and Madeleine have the same mole near her left eye. To her, this is another clue that she would be the missing girl.

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She emphasized a dimple on her left cheek as another match between her looks and Madeleine’s.

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Julia tries to get in touch with Madeleine’s parents and says that she wants to take a DNA test to prove if she is McCann’s daughter or not. She says she has already contacted the English and Polish police but has been ignored.

Despite the large number of people following her profile on Instagram, many comment that they don’t believe she is Madeleine McCann

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The fallout from the case prompted the young woman’s mother to come forward and say her daughter needs psychiatric help. Julia responded by saying that she could make a doctor’s appointment but she knew she wasn’t sick.

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