Your own house for 6000 euros on a human scale

Your own house for 6000 euros, on a human scale: the choice that will change your life Internet Tuttogratis

In a particularly complicated historical context like the current one, investing in mini-homes could prove to be the right choice.

Small in size but highly functional, the mini house It may prove to be the right choice for those looking to make a real estate investment that can transform their lives. So let’s get into the details and see everything there is to know about it. All free internet

Struggling with the multiple obligations of daily life, everyone wants to switch off and spend a few moments of relaxation. What better place than your own home, where you can always be yourself, away from possible prying eyes? Given its importance, it is therefore no wonder that each of us would like to have one home that’s as beautiful and inviting as can be.

However, you do not always have the necessary money to buy the various goods and a motionless able to satisfy all personal needs. In this area in particular, buying a mini house could be the right choice. A small but highly functional structure with affordable prices that could change your life forever.

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Real estate investments, buying a mini house is worth it: you need to know this

If you’re looking to buy a home but don’t have a lot of cash to spare, you might want to consider buying one mini house. In this regard, it will interest you that in southern Chile, a group of designers and architecture experts from “Estudio Diagonal Architects” designed a small house that is very comfortable and functional at the same time.

Called “3×3 retreat” or “retreat” from three by three meters, it’s nine square meters, but it’s really very comfortable. It has a bedroom, a kitchen and a room for personal hygiene, including the bathroom. That means it has everything necessary to live there even for a longer period of time.

But not only that, it is ideal for those who are always attentive to the environment, since this house has a low environmental impact. The 3 x 3 meter house is currently not a mass-produced item, which is why the price is not known. However, a price equal to the maximum is estimated 6 thousand euros.

In this regard, it will be interesting to know the cost of these structures it usually does not exceed 10,000 euros. A price that can allow many to finally buy a comfortable and functional home where you can switch off at any time. In particular, it turns out to be the right choice for those who are looking for, for example, a small holiday home that can be placed both by the sea and in the mountains.