Your songs are terrible Ze Felipe gets angry after being

“Your songs are terrible”; Zé Felipe gets angry after being detonated by a netizen, prompting a follower to “…


Singer took issue after receiving criticism on his profile

By Ana Lima

01/28/2023 10:58 BRT

01/28/2023 10:58 BRT

Irritated by criticism, Zé Felipe urges a follower to drink 'in this place'© Images 1 and 2 Playback: Instagram/Zé FelipeIrritated by criticism, Zé Felipe urges a follower to drink ‘in this place’

The singer Ze Felipe moved his social media last Friday (01/27) after an argument with a follower. Back then, the celebrity opened a box of questions on his Instagram Stories to interact with fans when he was surprised by a review.

In the message, an unknown netizen directly said what he thought of the sertanejo’s songs: “Your songs are terrible, just a modinha,” he fired. Without patience and without beating around the bush, the singer surprised everyone with the answer: “Ah, go take it in the c*”.

This isn’t the first time Zé has been involved in some sort of fight on social media. In 2021, Leonardo’s son became furious after being criticized for his clothes. After receiving messages that his style was the same as a ‘goofy’, the celebrity was direct: “It’s a matter of dress, I wear what I like for myself, if you don’t like it that’s your problem! “.

The latest case divided fans on social media, while some supported the husband Virginia Fonsecawho stated that no one was obliged to receive messages of this type, others declared that the attitude was “too much” and that it was best to ignore these types of messages.