Zachary LHeureux The Mooseheads forward plays his role as a

Zachary L’Heureux: The Mooseheads forward plays his role as a minor playoff wrecker beautifully

Intense, fiery and sometimes flamboyant on the ice, he has built a reputation as the bad boy of the QMJHL: no doubt the expression “put on mustard” describes the Mooseheads’ forward perfectly. “Halifax Zachary L’Heureux.” Especially since he literally eats mustard on the players’ bench!

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The sequence sparked huge reactions on social media. During overtime for Game No. 2 of the semi-final series against the Sherbrooke Phoenix, the television cameras captured a sequence in which we see L’Heureux gulping mustard from the pot on the players’ bench. His reaction later suggests it’s not necessarily his favorite spice.

“It’s for cramps,” laughed the 2021 Nashville Predators first-round pick. “I’ve been doing this for a few years and it really helps.” It takes her off right away. »

The method has actually proven itself and mustard relieves cramps like cucumber juice. It has been used by several athletes for a number of years, and images of former NHL forward Mark Letestu gulping down packets of mustard while wearing the Winnipeg Jets uniform also caused a stir in 2019.

“You’d have to watch the whole sequence because it was probably the fifth time I’ve put it in my mouth. Wait a minute, it doesn’t taste great, mustard! If you take it multiple times, it hits you in the throat,” he laughs.

“A good leader for us”

When we say the phrase “put on mustard” applies well to the Montreal forward, we’re not just referring to the fact that he takes it to relieve his cramps.

Figuratively, the phrase means “to impress a lot” and is a bit like L’Heureux’s identity on the ice. An intense and fiery player, he has earned something of a reputation as the QMJHL’s “bad boy” as evidenced by his eight QMJHL career bans.

“He’s a guy who likes to talk and has good leadership qualities. He likes to take charge in the bedroom and engage in activities. He’s not the reclusive little guy! What you see of him represents him quite well and he is a very good person and a good leader for us,” says his teammate Alexandre Doucet.

If the Mooseheads are in the QMJHL Finals, there’s certainly a bit of L’Heureux going on. In addition to his 20 points in 15 games before Friday’s game, he had managed to play his role as Pest beautifully without crossing the finish line.

“That’s his role. He has something of Marcus Foligno or Brad Marchand in him, explains head coach Sylvain Favreau. It is important for him to play on the line. His level of competition was incredible against Moncton and even better against Sherbrooke. When a guy like Zach competes and is physically active, it definitely makes us a better team. »

Motivated by the crowd

L’Heureux also stamped his feet with impatience on Thursday as he considered starting the QMJHL finals to a packed house of 18,259 at the Videotron center.

“For a hockey player, there is nothing better than an opposing arena with 20,000 people booing you! It is a good feeling. It’s hard to explain, but everyone who has been in this situation loves it. You play hockey for those moments when you want to perform and do your best. I see that as an advantage more than anything else. »