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Zelenskyy invites Trump to Kiev news

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirms that he sees no chance of peace with Russia under Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. “He doesn’t want peace with Ukraine,” Zelenskyy told British television station Channel 4. In the interview, Zelenskyy also followed up on the journalist’s request to invite former US President Donald Trump so that the politician he wants to return to hold office in the November elections presented his plans to end the war.

“I invite you to go to Ukraine, to Kiev,” said Zelensky, who had already extended this invitation to Trump. He wanted to know how Trump planned to implement his announcement that he would end the war within 24 hours. Zelenskyy again rejected ceding territory to Russia to achieve peace.

“We could not have survived without US help”

At the same time, he once again emphasized that Western support for Ukraine is vital. “You can help us win more,” Zelensky said, referring to Western allies who are making billions in payments to Ukraine and supplying weapons and ammunition. He also thanked them for their support so far. “We could not have survived without U.S. help,” he said, amid debates in Washington over more military aid to support Ukraine's defense against Russian invasion.