10 months after the wedding quotspousequot actually a woman

10 months after the wedding "spouse" actually a woman

The couple got married a few weeks after they met. Ten months after the wedding, the groom’s true identity is revealed.

Many people see their life partner as a kindred spirit. However, as it turns out, not everyone knows their “other half” as well as they think! A 22-year-old woman in Indonesia, known only by the acronym “NA”, recently suffered a severe shock. She thought she fell in love with a tall man. Sadly, she appears to have married a woman.

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According to NA, she met her “husband” through a dating app. “At the time, he looked like a man and he lived in Lahat, in South Sumatra,” she said. Her “husband” had used the name Ahnaf Arrafif in the app. “Initially, he or she claimed to work as a doctor, with many academic qualifications from abroad,” the “betrayed” wife told the court.

first doubts

After developing an online relationship, the two met on in-person dates. Ahnaf even spent a week in NA to help care for her sick parents. After just a few weeks, “he” proposed, and NA’s parents gave their blessing, according to Tribun News.

However, four months after the wedding, NA’s family became suspicious of the new husband. Ahnaf never introduced “his” family and seemed to have a very relaxed schedule, despite claiming that he worked as a doctor. NA’s mother also noted that Ahnaf never took “her” clothes off of her and even bathed in her clothes when other people were at home.

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The “husband” must answer in court

And although the two were also intimate, the wife never got to see her “husband’s” genitals. When the wife asked her partner about the lumps in her breast, Ahnaf replied that it was a hormonal problem. Things came to a head when his mother asked him to undress while taking a shower. So the “husband” had to identify himself as a woman named Erayani. He/she lied about everything – including the job.

The confession deeply shocked the unsuspecting “wife”. Because she would never have suspected that her husband is not a real man. When things got intimate, her partner insisted on using only her hands. Erayani is now on trial, albeit for falsifying her qualifications as a doctor and not claiming to be of a different sex. The deceived wife is also considering divorce.

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