1674006882 Maduro confirmed the departure of Felix Plasencia Venezuelan Ambassador to

Maduro confirmed the departure of Félix Plasencia, Venezuelan Ambassador to Colombia

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Félix Plasencia in a file photo.  EFE/EPO/YURI KOCHETKOV/POOLVenezuelan Foreign Minister Félix Plasencia in a file photo. EFE/EPO/YURI KOCHETKOV/POOL

Félix Plasencia, the Venezuelan ambassador to Colombia, lasted only five months. who has been in the country since August after the restoration of diplomatic relations between the regime of Nicolás Maduro and the new government of President Gustavo Petro.

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The departure of the diplomat takes place afterwards since December within the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) replaces Bolivian Sacha Llorenti.

“Félix Plasencia joins the ALBA Secretariat 100% achieve the recovery of PetroCaribe. He is leaving his duties at the Embassy in Colombia,” Maduro’s comments were quoted in El Tiempo newspaper.

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However, the sister country’s regime leader also announced that he would soon appoint a new diplomatic representative: “We will appoint a new ambassador to Colombia or a new ambassador under review.”

They reported it in the Bogota newspaper Plascencia is one of the few career diplomats within the regime, which is why he has been appointed to spearhead the reorganization of relations between the two countries.

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about this edition, Colombian Ambassador to Venezuela Armando Benedetti said the official’s departure was a pity and that he would have preferred it had he stayed longer in this new phase of bilateral relations.

“It is with sadness that I receive the news that Ambassador @plasenciafelixr is leaving to take up his role as Executive Secretary of ALBA. I would have liked to have stayed in my country. It takes his preparation, intelligence and what a good person he is. I know that others will win in their new destiny (sic),” he posted on his official account.

After the publication of Benedetti, The same Venezuelan diplomat replied to him on the social network with a loving message to the country.

“Grateful, dear Ambassador, for your loving and kind words. Colombia, your beautiful country, is also your own and will always be bolivar, freedom and commitment to integration (sic)”trilled.

He also assured that Although the time he spent in the country was short, he took with him very good memories of your stay.

“It stays so etched in my best memories, in my memory. Rest assured that in these new avenues we will continue to defend the spirit of struggle for the good of our peoples (sic),” he concluded.

scheduled appointment it was unveiled during the leaders’ summit in Havana commemorating the 18th anniversary of the founding of the bloc.

Plasencia held important positions in the regime’s diplomacy, first as ambassador to China, later replacing Jorge Arreaza as foreign minister. of Venezuela between 2021 and 2022.

during your period as Chancellor he was responsible for international tours and the ratification of agreements with countries from Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Then he headed the International Investment Center of Venezuela, to later appoint him ambassador to Colombia, they recalled in El Tiempo.

In this communication they explained that Maduro is trying to reinstate the agenda of self-proclaimed 21st-century socialism in the region, for which they are trying to rally the new left-leaning leaders in Latin America about ALBA.

“I reiterate my strict adherence to @ALBATCP’s 7 lines of work entrusted by the President. @NicolasMaduro to advance on a safe path to consolidate the Great Fatherland; focuses on this period of productive growth for the benefit of the peoples of our region (sic)”, published Plascencia on his Twitter account.

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