12 Decorating Trends That Will Be Omnipresent in 2024

12 Decorating Trends That Will Be Omnipresent in 2024 | Wink, wink

Get ready for a touch of freshness in your interiors!

While experts predict that natural tones and textures will take center stage in our decors this year, the '70s will also make a big comeback, as will playful patterns and maximalism.

Here are 12 trends to keep an eye on in 2024:

1. The Seventies

The relaxed and non-conformist spirit of the 1970s enlivens our facility. This retro wave brings back playful round shapes, wavy line patterns, colored plastic, rattan and bold color mixes.

We are also happy to find leather, wool, denim and velvet. A great way to reinterpret this style? We take on new editions of cult furniture such as the mushroom lamp and the Tam Tam stool.

2. The chessboard

Yes, the timeless checkerboard pattern is making a comeback! As a floor or wall covering, it returns to seduce us, in its classic black and white version but also in green and cream or even in terracotta and ivory. You can adopt this trend in a luxurious way by opting for natural stone, or on a budget by purchasing entry-level ceramics.

Aren't we ready for new tiles? We incorporate this pattern through an accessory such as bedding or a rug.

3. The house, a real cocoon

Post-pandemic effect still noticeable, the house is in an identity crisis… positive! Everything should be about comfort and the art of slowly savoring life's simple pleasures.

That's why we eliminate everything that represents chaos and clutter and make our interior a sanctuary where cozy textures and colors inspired by nature prevail.

4. Eye-catching designs

The patterns very present at the last Maison&Objet show in Paris, which suggest a fresh and playful spirit, have already conquered the boutiques! Child-inspired prints in bold hues, ikats, tartans, polka dots, big colorful flowers, stripes, geometric shapes… What do we love most? Combine them with each other, sometimes in very daring ways.

5. Personalized decor

All experts agree: we want our homes to reflect our personalities like never before. Some people resort to furniture and objects that they have redesigned themselves with a lot of patience and creativity. Others, who have less time or craftsmanship, prefer to accent their decor with unique items, such as those made locally by micro-enterprises.

Another way to add a personal touch to your interior is to incorporate unique works of art, unusual materials, fun or nostalgic objects. Of course, all boldness is allowed: Hello style and color contrasts!

6. Stylish bathrooms

The shower room and the bathroom are ideal spaces to dare to create a more unusual furnishing: since they are closed spaces, you can create a different style from the house. To set the tone, we focus mainly on the wall covering, for example a wallpaper or an unusual mural, original tiles or even a light shade applied to all the walls or the ceiling.

7. Neominimalism

Maximalism, also popular in 2024, exists alongside its opposite, neo-minimalism. Because the cost of living is high, many families live on a tight budget. Consequently, minimalism remains fashionable, but we are embracing it to make it warmer. The spaces are refined and are of course dominated by neutral tones, except that we break the sobriety by incorporating other textures, such as long-pile carpets.

We also allow ourselves a reasonable effort to treat ourselves to objects with a distinctive and high-quality style, especially works of art and furniture with a strong design. Don't hesitate to add bright pops of color at the end.

8th. Oversized upholstered furniture

Imposing, floor-to-ceiling modular armchairs and sofas with deep, ultra-soft seats are becoming increasingly popular. The reason is simple: We want to enjoy maximum comfort in our living room!

9. Versatility and functionality

It is estimated that by 2030, 60% of the world's population will live in large cities. This means that living in small spaces is becoming a reality for more and more people. This movement is favoring the rise of furniture that integrates technologies such as a charging station or additional features such as hidden storage or pull-out sections. In short: the furniture should be smart!

10. The circular design

Consumers are more aware than ever of the impact their choices have on the planet. More and more people are donating or recycling what they no longer want or offering their goods on online sales platforms, which in turn are frequented by more and more people who have developed the reflex to buy there – some have even decided to only make second purchases to do. Handcrafted furniture and items from now on.

Some companies are following the wave. Ikea, for example, has launched the Resell it program: It takes back our gently used Ikea furniture to give it a second life; in return she offers us store credit.

11. Earth colors

To update our decor, we turn to neutral and warm earth tones: from the palest like taupe, mushroom and ecru to the most intense like rust, terracotta and brown.

12. Maximalism

Return of the pendulum? After years of sophisticated floor plans, equipped with extreme thrift and care, maximalism is finding its way into our interiors. Welcome to the clusters of decorative objects, the stacks of books, the collections displayed on the walls and on the bookshelves, the overlays of shapes, patterns and colors. The looks put together in this way can be a bit busy, but they are so unique and absolutely dynamic. The only rule? Let it remain visually harmonious. A bold style perfect for anyone who feels like there is never enough.

More must-haves for 2024:

– Pinewood furniture
– Ruffle fabrics
– Terracotta
– Murals, including those with oversized patterns, bright colors or metallic reflections
– Linen
– white taps