BBB 24: Vanessa Lopes loses fee paid by by withdrawing from reality show


Vanessa Lopes withdrew from BBB 24 last Friday (20), losing any financial amount or fee she would have received from Globo for participating in the reality show.

The broadcaster pays a fixed amount each week for the time that the person cannot take part in the broadcast. It's about R$5,000 per week. In other words: Vanessa gave up R$10,000 because she spent 12 days in the game.

Vanessa also does not receive any “compensation, bonus or compensation” provided for in the contract and related to the dynamics of the program led by Tadeu Schmidt. Apart from the financial loss, the now exsister becomes a kind of “persona non grata” at attractions around BBB 24.

As a dropout, she does not appear in the finals or in the multishow programs, as was the case with Tiago Abravanel on BBB 22 and Bruno Gaga on BBB 23. Expelled participants from the last season are MC Guimê and Antônio Cara de Sapato BBB 23 also suffered these sanctions.

The rule of not receiving prizes and being excluded from any program related to the edition has existed since the attraction's inception. The first to quit the reality show was Dilsinho Mad Max on BBB 3 and then in turn Leonardo Jancu (BBB 9), Kleber Bambam (BBB 13), Tamires (BBB 15) and Alan (BBB 16).

In 2021, Lucas Penteado also hit the withdrawal button and fans even organized a virtual crowdfunding to help him financially. By the first half of May this year, the actor had collected R$360,000. Soon after, he ended the campaigns.

If you violate a confidentiality clause, Vanessa and her team may also receive a fine of R$1.5 million for violating the penalties set out in the contract with Globo.