1706380584 30 more sold after three years in Little Italy

30% more sold after three years in Little Italy

Hundreds of properties in Quebec change hands every day, most of them without us knowing the exact details. That was before we became interested… Here are the latest transactions that caught our attention.

A two-story condo in Montreal's Little Italy was just sold by its owner for just under $1 million.

With an area of ​​136.1 square meters, with a mezzanine, 6663 rue Alma has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one with a steam shower, two balconies and a private terrace with mountain views. All floors, except those on the mezzanine, are heated.

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The seller, Alexander Formosa, purchased this 2005-built property from François Ostiguy in August 2020 for $750,000. The buyers ultimately agreed to pay $976,000 for the purchase. That's $226,000, or 30% more than the price the seller paid three years earlier.

In the most recent municipal assessment roll, this residence was assigned a value of $651,600. This was a 32% increase from the previous valuation of $493,600.

In 2023, municipal taxes were $4,005. Added to the purchase price for buyers was a $15,224 transfer tax payable to the City of Montreal.

In collaboration with Philippe Langlois and Charles Mathieu.

Excerpted from the Journal's weekly real estate column. If you hear of an interesting transaction, do not hesitate to share it at [email protected]