Irish Celtic show an initiation trip to Ireland

“Irish Celtic” show: an “initiation trip” to Ireland

PARIS | A year after the show seduced Quebec audiences Irish-Celtic arrives again in the metropolis, with his tap dances and traditional music in his suitcases. “The reaction exceeded our expectations,” says producer Nicolas Ferru.

The Irish Celtic show may have received acclaim in 11 countries – from France to New Zealand, via Germany, Belgium and Portugal – before tackling the North American market, but Nicolas Ferru didn't know exactly what he got from this meeting with his artists and artists the Quebec public should expect.

“The response has been good everywhere, but every audience is different, so nothing can be taken for granted. The reception in Montreal was enthusiastic. It was fantastic,” he said during an interview with the Journal in Paris last fall.

In a few days we can open the door again to a very typical Irish pub on the stage of the Espace St-Denis. There we meet a bar owner who has to hand over the keys to his bar to his son in order to ensure its sustainability.

Another attempt

There are known to be countless shows celebrating Irish culture, and productions such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance have long attracted crowds to all corners of the world. But Nicolas Ferru wanted to recommend an approach different from that of his colleagues and more immersive. The producer also speaks of a “journey of initiation” when describing Irish Celtic.

“When we decided on this project in 2011, we had a real desire to compete against shows like Riverdance or Lord of the Dance. Yes, we also have Irish music and tap dancing. But we decided to take people into the heart of an Irish pub to give them the experience as if they were there,” says Nicolas Ferru.

We must also remember that Irish pubs are much more than just places where whiskey and Guinness beer flow freely; In a sense, they are the heart and soul of these people.

“People spend a lot of time in these bars; It becomes even more than a simple place to relax, it is a social place. There we can meet people we would never meet in our daily lives and interact with members of different social classes over a drink,” emphasizes the producer.

“Anchor points”

And you don't have to be passionate about Irish culture or know its many intricacies to find yourself in familiar territory in Irish Celtic territory. We made sure to mark the show with “anchor points” so newcomers can recognize themselves: popular tunes from feature films like “Titanic,” “The Last of the Mohicans,” and “Cœur Vaillant.”

“These are melodies that everyone knows. It may take a few seconds for them to recognize them, but they definitely bring back memories,” says Nicolas Ferru.

  • The show Irish-Celtic will be presented at the Espace St-Denis in Montreal from the 1stum until February 4th.