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30 years of career and a balanced life: “Honestly, sometimes I’m almost embarrassed because I’m lucky!” – Sébastien Benoit – Le Journal de Montréal

Sébastien Benoit will celebrate his 30-year career in front of the camera in 2024. The likeable presenter also has other anniversaries to highlight: his 25 years on the radio, including 20 years at Rythme-FM, as well as his 15 years at the side of his lover that the 10 years Food shots.

Coups de Food is also back on Zeste this Friday, and to highlight a decade of pleasure “discovering and sharing places of gastronomic happiness”, it is his friend Benoit Roberge – his very first guest in 2015 –, who, on the one hand, takes over the management of the show. So Sébastien offers himself to the game by sharing four addresses that he “really likes”.

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Benoit Roberge replaces his friend Sébastien Benoit as host of “Coups de food” in the first episode of season 10 so that he can join in the fun and reveal his best addresses in Montreal. MARTIN ALARIE / JOURNAL DE MONTREAL

“I didn't think I would make it to ten seasons of Coups de Food, but after the first season I realized that I love doing this show. If we like a project, if we like the result and if we like the people we work with, of course we hope that it lasts as long as possible,” said Sébastien Benoit in an interview with QMI Agency.

At 51, he is happy to be able to do his job and is grateful to be able to touch everything.

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Benoit Roberge and Sébastien Benoit with Darren Johnson from Café Dax in Montreal. MARTIN ALARIE / JOURNAL DE MONTREAL

“I want to continue doing what I love and what I am most proud of is being able to host in different areas. I wasn't pigeonholed. I am privileged in what I do, in the fact that I can make a living from it without having to worry and work with people I love. I have a child that I am very proud of, a blonde with whom I celebrated my 15th birthday and with whom things are going very well. To be honest, I’m almost embarrassed sometimes because I’m lucky!”

Sébastien Benoit says he cultivates a mix of “positivism and innocence.”

“I’m not esoteric about life, but it’s true that the positive energy you bring into your life comes back to you.”

A triple pleasure

According to the host, the pleasure of taking the helm at Coups de Food is threefold.

“It's the joy of discovering restaurants, artisans and guests with whom I can chat for 14 hours in a relaxed manner. It allows you to get to know them from different perspectives.”

For this special episode, in which he is the guest rather than the host, Sébastien Benoit suggests stopping by Dax Café, Boucherie Provisions and Swirl to try their vegan soft serve ice cream and then he ends the day – very busy! – at the Japanese refreshment bar Nomi. It should be noted that these companies have never been visited by the team before.

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A cameraman from the “Coups de food” team at Café Dax in Montreal. MARTIN ALARIE / JOURNAL DE MONTREAL

During season 10, he also traveled to Quebec to discover Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault's best restaurants and to the Laurentians to meet singer Jonathan Roy at his favorite spots. The rest of the season takes place in Montreal or surrounding areas with Nour Belkhiria, France D'Amour, Olivier Dion, Matt Duff, Chantal Fontaine, Guy Jodoin, Jean Michel Leblond, Andréanne A. Malette, David Savard and Nathalie Simard.

A big winter for Sébastien Benoit

Sébastien Benoît, who is returning from a trip to Mexico with his loved ones, will co-host the Gala Célébration 2024 this Sunday at 7 p.m. with Gregory Charles and Véronic DiCaire on TVA, the channel on which he continues to co-host with Julie Houle the game La Poule aux golden eggs every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. (returns January 14th).

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Julie Houle and Sébastien Benoit co-host “The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs” every Sunday on TVA. PHOTO PROVIDED BY TVA

We'll also see him as a guest judge on MasterChef Québec this winter, also on TVA. He also continues to share the Rythme FM microphone with José Gaudet and Isabelle Racicot in the program Y'est 4 h somewhere.

The 10th season of Coups de Food, produced by Productions Déferlantes, premieres on Friday, January 5th at 10 p.m. on Zeste.

Food hits in numbers…

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  • 10 seasons
  • 135 guests
  • 140 days of filming
  • Visited 540 restaurants