42 year old makes more than 1 million a year from newsletter

42-year-old makes more than $1 million a year from newsletter and podcast: “My advice is to just stop tweeting and do the work” –

In 2022, Rachitsky launched Lenny's Podcast. He publishes two episodes per week and interviews executives in the project management space to get concrete, actionable advice about their work. He has hired a producer to help him with components such as sound engineering and only invests a total of four to five hours per week.

Lenny's podcast also now brings in more than $500,000 a year.

For anyone who wants to succeed in their personal endeavors, especially when it comes to helping people grow and develop in a particular area, Rachitsky has some advice: Get some experience in that area first.

“A lot of people start tweeting all this advice before they’ve actually done anything and have advice they want to share,” he says. Without this experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject, your advice could end up being superficial at best and wrong and even harmful at worst.

“Nobody needs that,” he says.

Rachitsky worked in product management and software development for more than a decade before he started writing about it. Gathering years of knowledge, he started his newsletter with dozens of ideas on how to help people. It deals with problems such as planning projects, meetings, organizational design, etc.

You have to “do the work for a long time” before you can start giving advice on it, he says, “at least five years of work, ideally 10 years, ideally longer, to actually get real experience and have something new.” contribute.”

“My advice is to just stop tweeting and do the work.”

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