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5 things your parents did that you would never do to your kids

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The arrival of children can be a turbulent moment for parents who don’t know it yet how to raise children or which behaviors are best suited to enable children to have safe and healthy childhoods.

How to become a father and mother is not a toy that comes with an instruction manual, and many of them are based on the behavior of fathers and mothers themselves to raise their children.

However, it is not always advisable to reproduce the same behaviors that you learned from your parents. After all, some of them endanger the health or safety of children. Below you can see what they are:

Things your parents did that you would never do to your children

Showing no love for children and using corporal punishment

Affection in childhood is important in order to avoid feelings of abandonment in adulthood and to raise kinder and more loving children.

Likewise, using corporal punishment to punish children for misbehaving does not set a good example for children who may become violent.

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Frequently buys fast food and other fatty or sugary foods

Diets high in saturated fats and sugars can contribute to obesity and the development of chronic diseases. Therefore, avoid buying these foods for your children.

Use computers and cell phones without adult supervision or spend the day in front of the television

In order to raise good children, it is important to regulate the use of technology, especially surfing the Internet. Therefore, do not let your children use electronic devices unsupervised and keep track of all their online activities.

Likewise, leaving the child in front of the television all day is detrimental to training. Opt for games or books instead.

Let the kids stay with people you don’t know very well

Friendships are fundamental at all stages of life. However, before letting your children sleep in the homes of people you do not know very well, make sure the environment is good and conducive to the child’s growth.

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Give children alcohol or let them drive

It used to be common for parents to give their children a sip of beer or put them in a child seat to drive. However, both of these behaviors are dangerous and inappropriate, and you must be at least 18 years of age to practice them.

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