GTA 6 could be the most expensive game in history

GTA 6 could be the most expensive game in history! – Generason rap

It’s been 10 years since the last game in the Grand Theft Auto series was released on PS3; This will bring back fond memories for some. The next GTA should appears for 2024 or 2025. We can expect it most expensive game ever.

According to the Dexerto Gaming website, the conclusion of the study aimed at estimating the game’s budget is impressive. The budget used by Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto 6 is estimated at 1 to 2 billion dollars ! Should the information prove to be true, We’re going to have the most expensive video game we’ve ever seen. For comparison: Grand Theft Auto V costs only $265 million. This last work was to revolve around a man and a woman. Fans can return to some of the mythical locations from the old games.

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GTA: The recipe for success

For some, GTA is the most profitable cultural or entertainment object in history. A game that in 2018 had an estimated turnover of 6 billion dollars. Grand Theft Auto is above all a series that has gone through the ages. The first game came out in 1997, the last dates back to 2013, a longevity of 16 years. Despite this span of time, the work still pleases us just as much.