50 hour warning strike at Deutsche Bahn canceled

50 hour warning strike at Deutsche Bahn canceled

According to its own statements, Deutsche Bahn had already filed an urgent request for the notice to be stopped in court. The labor court in Frankfurt am Main had been negotiating this since Saturday afternoon.

The warning strike was supposed to last from 10 pm on Sunday to midnight on Tuesday. At 50 hours, this warning strike would have been the longest in the current wage dispute. Consequently, long-distance DB traffic would have been completely disrupted, “local traffic will be severely affected across the country”, the railroad had previously announced.

Also train traffic within Austria would have felt the work stoppages.

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According to a report from the “Hessenschau”. Deutsche Bahn and the union (EVG) now reach an agreement in court. The EVG then declared that it wanted to drop the 50-hour strike. It remains unclear whether there will still be disruptions due to the announced strike and what effect the news will have on exchanged tickets.