Diablo 4 The Necromancer has been nerfed to death in

Diablo 4: The Necromancer has been nerfed to death in the new beta! – Millennium

Players used to Blizzard’s balance (and imbalance) across its many games should be sad to find that Diablo 4 isn’t spared the cycle of “buffs” and “nerves,” with a drastic transition for the Necromancer -Summoner deviating from easy mode into impossible mode between test sessions.

From one imbalance to the next?

Based on feedback from players who were able to test Diablo 4 high-level content, the Summoning Necromancer was a very easy and powerful way to level up, but it lagged behind other classes on very high-level content. The minions really started to suffer from strong enemies on high difficulty. Unfortunately, the devs seem to have taken some of the feedback somewhat to heart, including the fact that the Necromancer actually had an easy life at low levels, and post-beta minion lives were drastically reduced to force players to summon them up again more often.

It seems that a consensus quickly formed between players on the server load test, as evidenced by the flood of threads on Reddit about this issue, all of which relate to the fact that Necromancer Summons is nearly unplayable in the state following the changes. Skeletons die almost instantly on the slightest hit, inflicting heavy casualties on even normal enemies. The bosses completely decimate the group of summoners and the necromancer is taken completely by surprise as he has no more minions and the possibilities of resummoning them without a large influx of corpses are extremely limited. And even when this is the case, the necromancer spends most of his time resummoning his skeletons instead of playing.

Is a new balance coming?

If skeletons are slaughtering even at low level, expect it to be even worse at high level content unless Blizzard has done a major overhaul of the balancing of legendary items, including Paragon boards, and minion stat-based progression.

Fortunately, the server load test also serves to test the different balances of the classes and to collect new feedback. It is possible that there will be a new wave of changes ahead of the early release on June 2nd. The studio could also simply revert recent balance changes after “proving” performance-based feedback from low-level classes is irrelevant.

Beta Diablo 4: how to get the new reward

The Diablo IV Server Load Test is only available for 48 hours. So you only have a short amount of time to unlock a new exclusive game-wide reward by killing Ashava: a cosmetic item for your mount. Discover the guide to unlock it.