1683879160 67th Eurovision Song Contest Polish ex model reaches final

67th Eurovision Song Contest: Polish ex model reaches final

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Party mood in Liverpool!

On Thursday night, the second semifinal of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest through the stage. From blaring to dark everything was there.

Not every act wanted to do without spectacular pyrotechnic effects. Only ten of the 16 countries managed to advance. A young singer from Poland drew attention.

The hopes of our neighboring country rest on Blanka (23), who obviously didn’t want to rely on his voice alone. For the song “Solo,” she gave a wild performance with the dancers, even having her dress ripped off mid-set and twirling across the stage in a whirlwind of glitter.

Blanka inspired by Liverpool

Blanka inspired by Liverpool

Photo: Martin Meissner/AP

The participation of the ex-candidate of “Poland’s Next Topmodel” had already generated heated discussions when she won the preliminary round in her country. The jury was accused of manipulation.

Blanka’s performance was well received in Liverpool. Although her singing sounded rather weak, her dance performances were even more impressive. She reached the final.

These acts will also be there on Saturday night

Belgian act Gustaph (43) had a retro feel. Their number “Because Of You” recalled the sound of pop band Simply Red’s hits around lead singer Mick Hucknall (62). Singer Gustaph, who likes to wear flashy hats, was accompanied by three backing vocalists who nearly stole the show. His music was pure soul power!

These five young gentlemen made women’s hearts beat faster. Joker Out, from Slovenia, boiled the hall with the best indie pop. The quintet was already ennobled in 2020, when music legend Elvis Costello (68) recorded a song with the band. In Liverpool they cheered with their number “Carpe Diem” and reached the final as the last act.

Slovenia's Joker Out delivered the best indie pop

Slovenia’s Joker Out delivered the best indie pop

Photo: EPA

Voyager Aussies could cost our “Lord of the Lost” rock voices, because exporting Down Under also takes a tougher musical march. His pop metal song “Promise” might have a good chance.

► These countries also made it: Albania, Cyprus, Estonia, Austria, Lithuania and Armenia.

Other acts have tried their best and still haven’t gone the extra mile. Victor Vernicos (16) from Greece swept the stage in a ranger outfit for “What That Say”. But to his voice, the jump was more of a disadvantage. The young singer shuffled many notes. He was the youngest ESC entrant this year.

The musician Diljá (21) from Iceland gave her contribution “Power” to the program. She lay down on the stage in places, then threw her legs up in the air. A performance that almost resembled expressive dancing. Unfortunately, the song didn’t stick in my head. She also had to go home.