War Ukraine Russia last minute live today Putin Zelenskyy AS

War Ukraine Russia, last minute live today: Putin Zelenskyy AS

Russia says situation is ‘under control’

Russia I insured today has the situation in eastern and southern Ukraine “under control” to get out of rumors in Russian social networks about advances of Ukrainian troops at different points of the front.

“The Testify Broadcast by individual broadcasters telegram about “front breaks” that took place at different points of the contact line do not correspond to reality” The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

This was stated by the military spokesman, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov “The general situation in the area of ​​​​the military special operation is under control.”

He explained that in Kharkiv “there are no active operations in the direction of Kupyansk”and claimed that the “Western” force group stopped the actions of three enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups on that front during Thursday.

He also assured that towards Limán, in Donetskthe troop grouping “middle” repelled two attacks by enemy tactical groups in the Kreminna and Dibrova regions, both places in the Lugansk province.

Konashenkov further added that in the direction of Donetsk Three enemy reconnaissance attempts were foiled and eight attacks by Ukrainian forces on Russian troop positions were repelled.

He specified that the mercenaries from wagner Additionally “Proceed to liberate the western part of Artiomovsk (Russian name for Bakhmut). with the support of aviation and artillery”.

The military spokesman also assured that the subdivisions of the “South” group of troops are trying to block Avdiivka and take Mariinka.

On the southern front, the defense assured this “There are no active operations towards Zaporizhia or Kherson.”