A first picture of the engagement of Mathieu Barron and

A first picture of the engagement of Mathieu Barron and his lover Alexandra De Simon

The year 2023 was marked by a profound change in Mathieu Baron's love life, which filled the actor and presenter with noticeable happiness.

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He first disclosed his relationship with the broker Alexandra De Simonthen, a few months later, the happy news of her future parenthood was announced in an interview on our pages.

At the end of January last year, Baron announced his engagement to the young woman in the first episode of his new series, as the pair were expecting their first child, a baby boy.

And now we have the privilege of discovering a first image of Mathieu's great concern, taken during a trip, presumably before or at the beginning of the expectant mother's pregnancy.

In fact, the expectant mother shared this photo, specially chosen to celebrate Valentine's Day, via her Instagram account.

Below the photo we can read the following as a caption:

“Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️💍 My best friend, fiancé and very, very soon the best dad ✨”

Aren't they beautiful?

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