RJ City Hall cancels Lexa39s fee after an incomplete show

RJ City Hall cancels Lexa's fee after an incomplete show

The municipality of Barra do Piraí published a statement rejecting the artist's presentation; “The shortest show in the history of the city,” he said

The city of Barra do Piraí in Rio de Janeiro announced on Wednesday (February 15, 2024) that it has canceled the payment of singer Lexa's fee after an incomplete show during the city's carnival event.

According to the town hall, the artist performed for 40 minutes during the BaDoPi Folia 2024 festival. The organization called the performance “the shortest show in the city’s history.” The agreed presentation time was not communicated.

“Here is our complete dissatisfaction with the singer who did not even serve her fans, loyal consumers of her music, and on this last day of the carnival filled the field of the Royal Sport Club and delivered the shortest show in the history of the city,” wrote that Town Hall on social media.

The mayor of Barra do Piraí, Mario Esteves, said the singer had already received a check for the agreed amount, but the release of the amount was blocked by the bank after the disagreement.

“According to the contract, the event was fully contracted, however there were errors that resulted in an incomplete presentation. The amount paid to the artist will be canceled until the details of the incident are clarified. “The town hall asks the singer’s official production team to contact us to clarify the incident,” the mayor wrote on his Instagram profile.

Lexa spoke briefly about the case in a story posted on Instagram. He said he waited an hour and 20 minutes to get on stage and blamed the event at City Hall for the show's delay. O Power360 has contacted the singer's advisors to inquire about a job and is waiting for a response.