quotA giftquotHis longtime actor celebrated his departure from

"A gift"His longtime actor celebrated his departure from

The famous actor showed excitement when he split from TV Globo

It’s not new that the TV Globo has pushed several cast changes in recent yearsmainly in the form of employment, big stars had broken their permanent contracts and are now working under contract.

The change is intended to reduce costs and give artists a wider range of options as they are free to sign to other broadcasters and platforms.

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Actor Malvino Salvador was one of the big names to shine in several Globo productions, but in the end he became it separated from the station after 16 years. The celebrity’s departure came in 2020 and to the astonishment of some of the public, he showed joy in leaving the canal that had consecrated him.

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In an interview with OtaLab, a show hosted by Otaviano Costa, Malvino Salvador described the enriching experience of leaving TV Globo: “I saw it as a gift a gift for a new life. It was a very important cycle in my career. But the biggest secret in life is to adapt and not be afraid of new challenges,” the artist said, creating public impact.

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“I have a legal living, everything is fine. I have other ways to go. And I thought: It’s a new cycle, a new moment that’s beginning,” added the former Globo contractor. When asked about entering the world of the Internet, Malvino Salvador showed no desire: “I have neither the will nor the calling,” shot the heartthrob.

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Malvino Salvador (Photo: Publicity)Malvino Salvador (Photo: Publicity)

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